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What Do You Need?

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Social Competency Groups

Unspoken social expectations and indirect communication are often confusing for neurodiverse kids. They can benefit from relating to peers in a safe space with a neurodiverse guide to help demystify confusing social norms and help them build social competencies, self-advocacy and clear communication. I do not use ABA strategies.

Age 7-14


Solutions at Home

Do you want systems and solutions for challenging behaviors at home?

Understanding child behavior and development is not always intuitive. Schedule an observation or consultation.

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Academic Support

Do you want to help your child catch up?

Schedule small group or 1-1 tutoring sessions in reading, writing, math, and more. Lessons are tailored to your child's learning style and interests to improve skill and confidence. Grades K-6


Courtney is an absolute gem of a person, and the best investment we’ve made this past year. I had no idea the amount of academic and emotional support that one person could single-handedly provide for my family in such a short period of time. Academically, my child went from not being able to read to transitioning seamlessly to a top tier private school due to the time he spent with her and the strategies he learned. On the parenting front, she gave me some simple, but VERY EFFECTIVE tools to help me connect with my son. She also got into my son’s little brain and explained what my kid was thinking during some of my more difficult interactions! She is creative, patient, and loving and always a joy to have her in our home. I recommend Courtney to EVERY parent I know.

Tiffany, San Francisco

Courtney is incredible. When the pandemic began, Courtney started working with my family. Our 7 year old son was struggling emotionally with distance learning and falling behind academically. He instantly connected with Courtney. She focuses on our entire family unit and even works directly with my son's teacher to help us. She has profound insight and experience. Her deep understanding of childhood development combined with her patience and empathy, make her invaluable. She gave us tools that actually work, which improved our relationship with our son. He's now learning and overcoming all of his challenges. We are beyond thankful for her expertise and kindness.

Laura, San Francisco

I don't know what our family would have done without Courtney this year. Courtney has brought such joy into Chloe's life and really helped grow her self confidence. She has helped cultivate her love of learning, kept a close eye for what she is passionate about, and fostered those passions. Courtney is unflappable, calm, fun, reliable and incredibly observant. Chloe has learned how to play chess, created many inventions, learned to love reading even more, and started to code- all things I wouldn't have believed could have happened this year! I can't recommend Courtney highly enough.

Meagan, San Francisco

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How It Works

We will work together to design a tailored approach to determine session frequency, length, and content that centers your child. Depending on your family's needs and child's learning style, services can take place virtually, in home, in school, or at

3611 California St.

Please feel free to inquire about sliding scale prices.

  • reading support through Orton-Gillingham structured literacy, phonics, and morphology
  • math remediation or enrichment focused on developing number sense and problem solving skills
  • writing lessons that develop foundational skills, style, and voice


30-90 minutes

M-F 8am-7pm


$105/hr (per child)

30-90 minutes

M-F 2pm-7pm

  • academic small groups offer positive connections and authentic learning opportunities
  • social support groups teach emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and self-advocacy
  • students are grouped by age, skill, and tempermant

Small Group

  • siblings can benefit from direct instruction and guidance around their relationship
  • siblings can learn to identify their own needs and be familiar with each others
  • siblings learn to work and play as a team

$100/hr (per child)

45-90 minutes

M-F 2pm-7pm


Support when your child needs it.

My name is Courtney Wilde. It brings me great joy to share tools of learning, empowerment, and connection to students, educators and caretakers. A decade of classroom teaching instilled in me the importance of safe spaces for nurturing curiosity and confidence. Learners need to be comfortable making mistakes to make progress toward their goals. A deep curiosity about human development guides my continuous growth and learning. My practices have roots in relationship-based learning, Nonviolent Communication, anti-racist pedagogy, play-based learning, mindfulness (through two years of monastic Zen practice), trauma-informed teaching, science of reading and neurodiversity affirming strategies.

My goal in life is to listen, learn and help.


Courtney Wilde

3611 California St

San Francisco, CA 94118